About Us


DJ’s Auto Glass Repairs has been operating for the past 13(thirteen) years. We have 30 years of experience within the auto glass industry and are situated in the Gauteng area, our mobile units makes all areas accessible. This in turn makes all auto glass replacements more convenient for our clients. Majority of our work is mobile , each of our mobile unit teams have fully qualified self contained technicians readily at your service.theteam

DJ’s Auto Glass core business focus are in namely; mini corporate, fleet managers, trade accounts as well as small to medium sized businesses. We are extremely service orientated as well as fully dedicated to maintain and support you with all your automotive glass application requirements either in house or at your premises. We are listed with 96% of insurance companies and have maintained a very healthy relationship with them. The types of glass we can supply or fit are from O.E (original equipment) directly from the agents, shatterproof and alternate glass. All our glass supplied or fitted is shatterproof, laminated, insurance and SABS approved.For all automotive glass claims, we negotiate directly with the clients insurance provider for a preferential or no excess amount and to ensure a quick turn around time for authorization. We ensure a cost saving of up to 85% on chip repairs, using the highest quality consumables. This serves as a few reasons on how DJ’s Auto Glass is striving to be the best as well as the market leader in the industry of auto glass repairs and replacements.


To become the leading Business to business networking agency in the distribution industry by fore staring lasting partnerships with all our clients in Africa and beyond.


  • Hassle free claims processing .
  • Minimum vehicle downtime.
  • Saving your money.
  • Safe high quality – the safest fit.
  • Safe high quality – the perfect bond .
  • Do it right the first time .
  • Workmanship guaranteed.
  • The 6’s safety security , strength, stability, standard services

Why hire Us?

  •  We are driven by the need of satisfying our clients .
    Our Knowledge skills and expertise incorporated with our supplier partnership grant us to deliver greater result to our clients.
    Our product and services are adequately flexible to provide corporate identity to future cliental needs.
  • Our strategic partnerships ensure that we have access to the leading brands at best prices, therefore enabling us to offer our clients affordable quality products and supplies without compromising quality .We supply world class products combined with excellent quality services offered by our team members.


All DJ’s Auto Glass requires is the use of your customer database, Mutual profit can be generated from the services that we offer .In doing so there will be no cost whatsoever to the trade.

Our Value

  • Honesty & integrity
  • Precision Professionalism
  • Innovation

Our Services

A free survey will be done on all customers vehicles on a daily or weekly basis by fully qualified technicians. R250.00 for “on site “Windscreen chip repairs. Customers will be contacted by us on the trades behalf, to inform them of any damages to their windscreen. All administrative processing insurance claims will be also negotiated for any replacement . O.E will be fitted when required by the customer and the glass will be purchased directly from the trade on a C.OD basis.


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